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We Sell Live Pet Food

Founded in 1984 and incorporated in 1995, RECORP Inc. is Canada’s foremost supplier of Live Pet Food (worms and bugs), Fish Bait, Insects, Insect Larvae, Vitamins and Mineral Additives.

We sell to individuals, retail stores and wholesalers, and will ship anywhere in the world.

Permits may be required for sales outside of Canada.

«Company, Guarantee and Payment Policy»

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We carry a diverse range of live products including Phoenixworms, Butterworms, Fruit Flies, Mealworms, Silkworms, Waxworms, Superworms, Dewworms, Hornworns, Redworms, Waxworms and more!  Each product comes in a variety of quantities and shipping is available next business day to most locations world-wide.

Phoenix Worm® Larvae, Phoenix Worms Butterworms Fruit Flies, Fruit Fly Culture Medium
Mealworms Silkworms Waxworms
Redworms, Red Worms Superworms Pet Vitamins and Minerals
Dewworms Hornworms Bean Weevil
Flat Rate Shipping, Minimum Order Waived

Frozen Rodents

We also carry frozen rats and mice of varying sizes suitable for feeding snakes and other large exotic pets.

Frozen Mice Frozen Rats

Educational Value

Most larvae make interesting educational studies, especially silkworms and hornworms, for their cocoon preparation and final emergence as moths. Both can be bred to produce future generations. We offer seminars and presentations for classrooms within the Greater Toronto Area.

Bugs in the Movies

Ever wondered where those nasty cockroaches, spiders, worms and creepy crawlers came from in your favourite Friday night horror film?  Chances are if the movie was produced in Toronto, those horrible little reatures were purchased locally from you know who.  Interested in having a mass supply of insects for your next major box office production?  Contact Us and we can supply you with all the scary worms you need…


Instructions for care and use of our products are available by request.

Pricing Guidelines
Retail minimum

$100.00 Cdn.

Wholesale minimum

$500.00 Cdn.

Minimum Order Waived

Wholesale enquiries welcome.  Volume discounts available.

All prices are in Canadian dollars.

Cockroaches, worms and other insects featured in horror film production

Add creepiness to your horror film productions with "live" Recorp worms!